Our story

Your holistic energy
solutions provider

Where it all began

Hi, I’m Alison Charpentier – Managing Director of Elevate Solar and Energy Solutions.

I launched Elevate Energy in 2018 with a vision to provide no-nonsense, holistic energy solutions to Australian homes and workplaces.

My career in the energy space began when I was an employee for a solar company. But I lost faith in that business very quickly. They used high pressure sales tactics – and provided little to no after-sales support.

So I set about to create a better model. One that stayed true to my values of integrity and transparency. And that’s how Elevate Energy was born.

Our purpose

We’re here to help you take charge of your electricity bills.

How? By taking a holistic approach – and working closely with you to understand your needs and the aspects of your home or workplace that are the most energy intensive.

Armed with this knowledge, we then provide you with an energy efficiency plan that’s tailored to you. From lightbulb changes to solar installation, you’ll receive a complete, thorough solution.

Our areas of expertise

Efficiency audits

We perform in-depth energy, gas and water audits to see where your home or workplace could be more efficient – and implement any recommended changes.

Solar and Batteries

If you’re considering solar panels, we can help assess their suitability to your premises. And if you decide to go ahead, we can manage the installation for you – from beginning to end.

Smoke alarms

Having the right smoke alarms can be a literal life saver. We’ll help you determine what alarms you need – and where you need them – and then fit them in for you.

Our promises to you
Advice with
a conscience

No sneaky sales tactics. No BS. Just expert advice from good human beings who genuinely care.

Absolute quality

All our products are validated by the clean energy regulator – and we’re a CEC approved solar retailer.

A true

We’re there for you at every stage of your journey with us – and provide after-sales support like no other.