Home efficiency
audits & upgrades

Utility bills getting on top of you?
Let us find out why.

When it comes to reducing your utility bills, there’s rarely a silver bullet solution. The smartest approach is a holistic one. When we audit your home, we look at every aspect of your energy, gas and water use – and outline the practical steps you can take to create a more efficient and affordable home.

Taking stock of your utilities

We look at everything in your home and backyard that can save you money on your gas, energy and water bills. This includes your:

Cooling and fans

Fridges and freezers

Water heating

Taps and shower heads

Ovens and other
cooking appliances



Pool pumps

Ceiling insulation

Solar system
(if already installed)

We keep it simple, while you stay in control

As we go through your home with you, we will point out all the small and large modifications you can make.

However, to ensure it’s easy for you, our audit report will present our top three recommendations. These will always be the lowest-cost changes that result in the biggest wins.

From there, you can choose to make these upgrades yourself – or engage us to make them for you.

And yes, our audits really are free

That’s right, we don’t charge for our home efficiency audits.

However, if you decide to go ahead with our recommended changes, you may need to invest in some new products (such as light bulbs and shower heads) to save over the long-term.

What you ultimately spend will depend on the changes you decide to implement.

Our promises to you
Advice with
a conscience

No sneaky sales tactics. No BS. Just expert advice from good human beings who genuinely care.

Absolute quality

All our products are validated by the clean energy regulator – and we’re a CEC approved solar retailer.

A true

We’re there for you at every stage of your journey with us – and provide after-sales support like no other.

Want to make your home
more efficient and affordable?