Solar servicing

Solar servicing that won’t
stretch your overheads

Regular servicing is a vital part of owning a solar system. It keeps your system performing optimally, which means more energy produced – and lower bills. Our solar servicing fees start from just $15 a panel, which makes keeping your system in tip-top shape a no-brainer.

Our solar panel servicing checklist

At Elevate, solar panel maintenance is about more than simple cleaning. We give it a thorough service that’s over and above what you’ll get elsewhere. We check that:

Solar panels are clean, secure and free of defects

No deteriorated or corroded parts

Vents are free of debris

Wiring is not deteriorated

Switches are defect-free

Electrical components operating as intended

Fittings and cables are still securely attached

No faults recorded with inverter display

Unimpeded access to the isolator switches

The emergency procedures clearly displayed

How to know when your
system needs a service

We recommend preventive servicing EVERY TWO YEARS. However, you may need to call us earlier if you’ve noticed any of the following issues with your solar system:

Your inverter is showing a fault

Your bills have increased significantly

Your system’s production is low

Our promises to you
Advice with
a conscience

No sneaky sales tactics. No BS. Just expert advice from good human beings who genuinely care.

Absolute quality

All our products are validated by the clean energy regulator – and we’re a CEC approved solar retailer.

A true

We’re there for you at every stage of your journey with us – and provide after-sales support like no other.

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