Commercial efficiency
audits & upgrades

Rising utility bills shrinking your bottom line?
We can help.

Although you can’t avoid paying utility costs altogether, there’s a lot you can do to reduce them. So let us shed some light on what those things might be – with an efficiency audit. Our audits and upgrades are for building owners and tenants, as well as for businesses and community organisations that run part of a building and entire buildings.

Taking stock of your utilities

We look at the aspects of your business and premises where you can reduce your gas, energy and water bills. This includes your:

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)


Lifts, escalators, travellators

Server rooms

Cold and hot water


High energy use rooms unique to your business (i.e. kitchens, laundries, sanitation rooms)

Our three types of business audits

Type 1


Choose if

  • Your business only occupies a small part of a building – or
  • Your business occupies a small site with low energy use – or
  • You have a large business and want to identify subsystems that need more detailed assessments.

How it works

We come to your site to measure and review your systems and processes.


  • For smaller businesses, we aim to identify no-cost and low-cost opportunities that have a payback period of up to two years.
  • For large businesses, our aim is to prioritise subsections of your business that need a more detailed assessment.

Type 2


Choose if

  • Your business spans an entire building – or
  • Your business is on a medium- to large-sized site – or
  • Your business has high energy use.

How it works

We install monitoring equipment on your site to gather information on your energy and utility use.

We may also take onsite measurements.


  • A detailed analysis of your business’ performance and your full range of improvement opportunities – ranked in order of financial benefit.
  • We may also recommend subsections for a more detailed audit.

Type 3

Single subsystem

Choose if

You only want to audit efficiencies associated with a single process or subsystem, rather than your whole business or building (e.g. your HVAC or lighting).

How it works

Like ‘Detailed’ audits, we install monitoring equipment to assess efficiencies – but the assessment period is longer and our focus is more in-depth.

Representatives from your business are also more involved.


A comprehensive report with recommended improvement activities and a detailed analysis on how each activity will reduce your costs.

What happens after the audit?

Once we present our recommendations to you, you can choose to make these upgrades yourself – or engage us to manage them for you.

Your upgrade costs will vary depending on the size of your business or organisation and the type of audit you chose.

How often should businesses
conduct an audit?

Energy costs and availability are always changing. And new efficiency technologies are constantly being released. That’s why we recommend an audit every 3-5 years.

The following scenarios should also be triggers that an efficiency audit is due:

You’ve implemented significant changes in site use (e.g. changed tenancies, systems, or processes)

You’ve refurbished or expanded your site

You’ve changed your working practices or technologies

A small investment for big savings

Our efficiency audits start from $650.

Putting our audit recommendations in place will lead to significant savings. And with more cost-effective heating, cooling and systems, you can provide a more comfortable work environment for your staff – without worrying about your bottom line.

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